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How to Perform the GraceNotes Update Procedure


System Version 33 (and maybe V31) comes with GraceNotes V2.000 and will override previously updated GraceNotes

What you need:

  1. USB Drive - at least 2 GB
  2. cmu-gracenotes-xx-YYYY-MM-DD.up - (File name similar to this)
  3. 2014 Mazda3 with Infotainment System


Verify version of gracenotes

  1. Select “Settings” from the Home screen
  2. Select “System” tab
  3. Select “About” option
  4. Select “Version Info”

Download GraceNotes

Version 5.000 is the most recent

NA Version 3.000
NA Version 2.000
NA Version 1.000 – Access Denied

EU Version 5.000
EU Version 3.000
EU Version 2.000
EU Version 1.000 – Access Denied

Note: having the Europe (EU) version with a North American (NA) car, will not work.

Prepare USB

* Formatting is easiest to do on Windows machine

  1. Format in usb FAT32
  2. Copy desired (latest) cmu-gracenote-xx-YYYY-MM-DD.up onto USB stick

Update GraceNotes

  1. Insert USB into vehicles USB port
  2. Select “Settings” from the Home screen
  3. Select “System” tab
  4. Select “Music Database Update”
  5. The system will ask you if you would like to search for an update package for the Music Database on your USB device. Select “Search”
  6. The system shows the current Music Update Version and lists updates available on your USB device. Select the newest update.
  7. The system displays the version of the Music Update currently installed on your system and asks if you want to install the Music Update you selected. Select “Install”
  8. Wait a few minutes. DO NOT RESTART until directed.
  9. When instructed, restart the vehicle
  10. Remove the USB
  11. Check the Music Database Version