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Requested Modifications

This page is for anyone to add a description of a modification they would like to see, and for anyone familiar enough with the system to provide some info on how/if the modification might be possible. If you've thought of a mod that you would like to see as part of the system, feel free to add a description in one of the open sections.

1. Is there any way to display the radio station up in the top section of the screen when you're not viewing the radio screen?

Up in that black title bar section where it constantly tells you the next street that's coming up?

This is my biggest pet peeve about the system (after the input lock while driving), not being able to see what station I just switched to when scrolling through with the steering wheel button. I'd be just as happy to get rid of the “upcoming street notification” all together.

2. Where are the volume control settings designated? Looking for a way to change the repeat delay on the steering wheel volume button.

When you press and hold the steering wheel volume button, after a short delay, it repeats and continuously changes the volume until you let go. Where can we change the length of this delay?

Better yet, a way to scrip it so that it changes the volume in increasing increments.

Find a way to script it so that when you hit the Volume button on the steering wheel, the second time you hit it, if it is within 200ms it increases by 2 and the third time you hit it if it is within 200ms of the previous hit, it increases by 3 and the fourth time you hit it, if it is within 200ms it increases by 4 and continues to increase by 4 - until you fail to hit it within the 200ms - then it resets to increasing by 1. (or there could be a fall off where if within 300 ms, increase by 3, if within 400ms increase by 2, and reset after 400)

3. Increase Turn Signal Volume

Is there a way to increase the volume of both the turn signal and the blind spot monitoring (BSM) alarm? The rear view monitor (RVM) volume is loud enough at parking lot speeds, but on the highway with the radio up and wind noise, the BSM and turn signal volumes are woefully inadequate.

4. What are the known acronyms used in the various infotainment system files?

JCI: Johnson Controls, Inc. LDW: Lane Departure Warning PB: Phone Book BTHF: Bluetooth Hands-free BSM: Blind Spot Monitoring RVM: Rear View Monitoring VWM: vehicle warning - maintenance (?) NMS: Network Management System/services (?) PA: Parental Access (?)

5. Icons in USB menu

When I select USB input, the first three items on the menu do the following

1. Source list (AM, FM, USB…)

2. Category list (Artist, album …)

3. Current track list

[This is the actual behavior, not what is described in the manual.]

The corresponding icons are

1. Looks like a musical note

2. Looks like a list (should be folder)

3. Looks like a folder (should be list)

Surely, the second and third icons are reversed. Could this be fixed?

[Note that in the manual, the icons correctly match the described functionality, and also match the actual placement of the icons, but the functionality does not match reality, because in reality the second (list) icon selects the category list, and the third (folder) icon selects the current track list. The car could be brought into agreement with the manual by reversing the functionality of the second and third items, but IMHO this would be illogical because the (higher level) category list naturally belongs to the left of the current track list.]

6. Keep NAV menu setting

I usually have the infotainment on the NAV screen, but without a destination, so I always hide the menu. But every time I restart the car the menu is back. Annoying! Could this be fixed?

7. Force Sport Mode on Start-Up

Is there a way to keep the car in sport mode when I turn it on. Have the option of turning it off when I want with the button but to default to sport? I prefer the fun ride over gas savings.

8. Is there a way to make short sound file play when starting up car?

Would be cool to have the Mazda “Zoom-Zoom” sound byte play from the system when starting the car. Maybe a small .WAV or .MP3 file. Is this possible?

9. Applicable for Mazda 2??

10. Android Auto Support

Is anyone working on support for Android Auto? Or do we expect there to be a standard upgrade from Mazda that supports it?

12. An app that displays all current vehicle operation parameters

I'm not sure if the infotainment system has access to the vehicle operating parameters, but if so, it would be cool to have a screen that displays them all. Parameters such as:

  • engine coolant temp
  • oil pressure
  • is the A/C compressor active?
  • what gear is the AT current in (even if in D)
  • vehicle speed and RPM as numeric values

There is also an extensive list of sensors that could be displayed that would be interesting but not generally as useful (air intake temp, MAP and MAF readings, barometric pressure, throttle position, ignition timing, etc). Some redundancy wouldn't hurt either (e.g. all the values in the “Info” dash display, outdoor air temp, etc).

13. Changing radio stations

The ability to change radio stations with the knob by pressing it in the left or right direction to click through your favorites instead of having to go to the list with the knob and clicking and scrolling.

can you please make me facebook application to install and youtube and web browser like chorme or firefox or other… the facebook like in iphone (to comment, to view a video , to see a pucture )and please i wish i install mazda media player to my iphone because the newst version for mazda media player doesn't work in iphone. please try this and answer me as soon as possible.

14. Mirror unfolds on engine start

Instead of it auto unfold when car is unlock for reomoving or putting in things in the car.

15. Current Speed on Stock Navigation Screen

The stock navigation system obviously knows your current speed because it changes the Speed Limit indicator red/yellow if you exceed the posted speed limit. I'd like to find a way to display the current speed on the stock overlay.

16. Enable High Beam Control on CX-5 Skylease GT 2015/2016

Apparently the High Beam Control is not available in European (Dutch) version of the CX-5 Skylease GT 2015/2016. Is it possible to enable this function in the computer of the car?

The option is not available in the standard settings of the board computer.