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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I don't know anything about hacking my infotainment system, what is this all about?

Warning: If you try any of the hacks here, you may brick your infotainment. (insert some general explanation about what has been done with the infotainment system and why)

2. Do changes made to the system persist after firmware updates?

It has been reported by some users that the modifications they had made DID persist after upgrading from one version to another. I believe that someone mentioned that when upgrading from v27 to v31, the Speed Restriction modification still worked after their system was upgraded. As for upgrading from v31 to v33 or the persistence of other modifications, I am unaware of anyone reporting about whether or not changes remained.

As a general rule, any mod that only requires running scripts (Speed restriction) will persist after upgrades.

Any mod that required modifying or replacing files (Disclaimer time, background image, wifi enable) will not persist between upgrades and will need to be reapplied.

3. Can you downgrade to a previous version from a higher version?

Yes, you can downgrade the firmware to a previous version. Going from 31 to 29 to restore WIFI caused no issues. Obtaining previous versions is the hard part.

4. I am on version 31 or higher in North America and I do not have Wifi enabled, how can I gain access to perform modifications?

You will need to purchase a USB to Wifi adapter (compatibility list) and connect with a wired connection initially. Once you have connected with that, you can re-enable Wifi.

5. Is it normal for the failsafe .up file to have around 6MB only? It seems really small...

The failsafe file includes only what is necessary in the event that things go wrong. The PDF explaining how to perform the update even includes an image with the general size the files should be showing that the failsafe file is significantly smaller than the reinstall file.

The image can be seen here:

6. As far as updating the system, is it necessary to perform the factory reset before going into the diagnostic menu? If I can keep all my settings I'd prefer to do so.

Users have reported successfully performing an update without doing the factory reset. Results may vary.

7. When performing an update, should the USB Drive be formatted to FAT32?

Yes, format the usb drive using FAT32. I did the v33 upgrade last night, and used an 8GB usb key, quick formatted to FAT32 on a Windows 8.1 VM.

8. I've just had V33 installed, tried updating gracenote 3.0, but It keeps saying the search operation failed

(Needs Answer)

9. can you please tell me how to get a hacked SD card for navigation. the orginal cost more than$1000 . can you please help

10. Where are system images available?

11. the top model of Mazda 2 skyactiv could update the firmware as well as mazda3 skyactiv or not ?

12. (insert question)

I have a 2015 Mazda 3 with version 55. Has someone tested if the “Disable touch-screen speed restriction” and “Reduce disclaimer auto-dismiss time” modifications work with the same commands? Thank you.

13. How do I determine what software version is installed?

==== 14. I installed the pause/mute tweak. It worked for a few days then stopped. Tried to re-install but the system said “Tweak Already Installed”. How can I remove the tweak so it can be freshly installed? Thanks, ====

15. Is there a hack to delay back up cam from turning off when shifting out of reverse? 2015 M3

16. Looking for 2015 Mazda 3 infotainment wiring specs. Need to find video inputs for display screen.