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Adding an App to the Car

This section is not complete, the information here is only speculation as we do not yet have the specific details about how to add an app that you have created to the car.

We do not know if the apps created with the OpenCar SDK are fully compatible with our system at its current version 33 or lower. We are merely speculating as Mazda had announced a partnership with OpenCar and featured the infotainment system on the SDK at CES 2014.

Assuming that it is possible to add an application, you would need to gain access to the Root Directory via SSH and it would be easier to use WinSCP and simply add the created app to the correct directory folders.

You would also need to change the systemApp.js file so your new app will show up in the list of applications.

The list can be found from line 524 to 546 in the systemApp.js file and here is a screen shot of the lines:

There may be other changes that need to be made to add the app to syssettingsApp.js or other files… Please feel free to improve this section with any information you have.

Templates for Apps

Within the directory “jci/gui/common/templates” there are templates to help build applications included in v31 and possibly other versions as well…

The basic system functions through the “jci/gui” directory, and the majority of the information regarding apps is located in the “jci/gui/apps” folder.

Here is an image of the templates you will find in the directory:

Here is an example of an app, the app in this image is the one used to Scheduled Maintenance:

These apps also interact with an app called “BaseApp” which designates basic app functions as you can see in this image:

BaseApp is referenced by the “Index.html” file which exists in both the “jci/gui” and the “jci/gui/common” folders as you can see in this image:

The "index.html" file

Ultimately, the “index.html” found in “jci/gui” is referenced by the “run-Opera” command file found in the “jci/opera” folder as you can see here: